Dear Gavriel, Henry and Nachum

Just to put it in black and white, I am not suffering every day, day in and day out.  In fact, my chemo reaction seems to be milder than what many others report:  I am 'lucky' or, blessed.  

I also learned that since my intervals between chemo infusions had been extended, from time to time, does not mean tht I have 'lost time' by not receiving the next infusion 'on time.'  Rather, I was told that the delay means that the chemo was Still Working.  So I have NOT lost time.

It is now about ten days since the new infusion [through wrist and liver] and I am having a mild reaction, Thank G-d.  Hopefully, Iwill receive  # 2  nest week.

I have been keeping busy, and out of trouble.  Thursday I met with  Kathy [formerly Philips] and Jim [her new husband of 10 years] and suggested afternoon tea at the Waldorf Astoria.  It was delightful and fun ! 

Saturday I violated my 'one thing a day' dictum, and loved it !  I  A] went to services at shul, then   B]  I was invited to a birthday party for my old New Jersey friend, Andrea Green, by her son Keith, an architect who asked me especially to be there.  Although I Have NOT been in contact with her for a year or so, I went along, for 'old times sake.'   The small party was given at the cafe of the Whitney Museum, and I met some of her old boyfriends.   [Weird.]  

C]  Then, in the evening, my old C&C school friend Fritz Kraber invited me to the ABT 'Don Quixote' Ballet at the Met.  Couldn't refuse.  I slept for an hour B 4 the start.  Wonderful, and I am sure that Tzar Nicholas would have enjoyed the choreography.  Fritz was in from Austin  TX, where he teaches music, and I only see him, and wife Joan, once a year.  All in all, exhausting but worth it.

Needless to say, I slept most of the next day, all day.  But James and I had supper together  [fish and chips].  I rested, and my belly was full.  James leaves for England Wednesday, and I am throwing a 'gathering' on Tuesday evening  [mostly for a few friends and the Chavurah group] to see him off. 

Hope you are enjoying yourseves and that you all are well, receiving abundant benefits both spiritually and materially, and a good slice of joy

Much love to all,  yr., Dad