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Dear Shay

Thank you for your note. 

I am so very happy that you can use Noah's drafting tools.  I do NOT know much about Noah Berkofski. He was an older, dignified man when I met him, when I was about your age [1948] !  He had been teaching at a Technical School in Prague, but managed to survive the Nazi invasion.

The family of my mother [Hilda Berman Danzig] had changed their name from Berkofsky around 1880 when they immigrated to America.  But their cousins [Noah's family] obviously, did NOT go to America at that time, unfortunately, and were destroyed during the war.

Noah was a dignified man, of the European 'old school.'  Very polite manners, wore a hat outside and a tie inside at all times.   He spoke English with a foreign accent. But then, again, he also probably spoke four or five languages with an accent ! !  {Czechoslovakian, Austrian, French, Yiddish, Hebrew, German, Russian and English.]

My mother would see him once or twice a year [she was a good hostess] and he lived in New York, probably until around 1960.  I have a picture of him with his Technical students in Prague:  a well dressed man of the time, with a special look in his eye.  I am sorry I did not get to know him better, but am glad that some memory of him lives on, now, with you.

I hope you enjoy using these precision instruments in your drafting class, but remember: the humidity in Florida is NOT good for metal instruments, so try to keep them sealed in a  tight air-free bag [like a sealable sandwich bag] if you can.  A light wiping with a thin oil would also help.

E N J O Y!


Grandpa Phil


Dear Grandpa Phil:
    Thank you very much for the drafting tools. They are very interesting. So is the story on where they came from. Thank you very much.