02 Feb 2004
Dear Gavriel, Henry and Nachum

Just to keep you posted, but the truth is, that these things move very slowly.

I do not know the results of the three tests taken on Thursday but I have requested from Mountainside that ALL relevant information ++ scans, reports, the MRI, biopsy, etc., be sent overnight [tonight] to me here in NYC.  These are more valuable now to me than 'passports' and I will deliver them in person to Sloan Kettering, which is the best diagnostic facility in the world.  The stuff will be seen by one or two Drs. @ Sloan and a diagnosis made.  They will suggest a course of treatment.  That day ?  or the next I do not know.

[It's like Kindergarten:   after I will have gone through it, I will then know what it's all about.. ..]  If you have any questions or suggestions whatsoever, please let me know.

I will consult with Dr. Freedman at NY University Hospital, and maybe Dr. Groisser, as a curtesy.   So the operative word is 'Patience.'  They say that patience is the one virtue you cannot practice up for.

Do you know [amazingly] that I have given two mosaic workshops at the Creative Center for Women Surviving Cancer ?   [They recently dropped the word 'Women' from their title.]  So I spoke with Jerry, the Director, who knows a lot about these things.  [She agreed with Gavriel that I seem to have a good, clear 'handle' on what's going on, so far as it is knowable so far.]  She said that the timing of what is being done is reasonable and normal, given that this is not a primary liver cancer, and that I shouldn't rush into anything.  She also said that most Doctors today understand the need patients have to work with alternate practitioners at the same time.

Sunday, I went to a small art viewing given by Rabbi Rottenstreich [the Lubavicher] and I told him about my situation.  He said the important thing is to remain optimistic, and to dress well !  That a positive attitude will show the Doctors that I am serious about being cured, and that that will affect their attitude and performance as well.  [Amazing ! ]  He said that his brother went through this last year, and that his mother is a 'survivor' going on eight years.

So, I am investigating, and collecting stories and gaining information and developing an approach.  I will speak with cousin Mark tonight and check out alternate therapies at the right time. 

Funnily enough, this week I hired a painter to remove Hilda's flowered wall paper and he will paint the bedroom a nice yellow.  Should look bright !  He is here with me in the apartment, moving boxes and books.  And I am actually throwing things out !  Will wonders never cease ?

Wishing you each health, safety, prosperity, long life and prosperity, personally and for all of the family.

Love,   Dad