Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 00:29:50 EST
Subject: Re: Back in Montclair.. .. .. # 2
Shalom, Nachum

Thank you for your kind words.  Yes, I have a big bottle of Flaxseed Oil, 1000 Mg, and I take one a day.  It's a darn big capsule !  You are right about the liver.  Funny thing, alcohol damages the liver, but I have never been drunk, never was a 'lush.'  In fact, do you remember that when we lived together in Montclair, I would have a drink of red wine, usually sweet vermouth, every day on coming home ?  One day, you told me that I was an alcoholic, which I strenuously denied. 

But then I remembered that one definition of an alcoholic was one who always denied that they were an alcoholic !

Next day, I told you that another definition of an alcoholic was an inability to 'quit,' so I quit.  {It was no problem, actually.. .. ]   Do you remember that ?   Everything passes through the liver, and it is an organ necessary for life.

Monday I return to Montclair for two more tests.  But then I plan to transfer my treatment for the liver to either NY University Hospital or Memorial Slaon-Ketttering, in New York.  They are the experts.  Fortunately, I signed on to the Head Doctor of the NYU Geriatric Unit as my physician several years back, so he could recommend a local Doctor.    Also, the Alternate Gabbi at T&V is the Chief Administrator at Memorial:  it is a busy place and he could help me there.

I will try to be at Henry's when you visit him, my treatments permitting.

Wishing you hearth, safety, prosperity and happiness.. ..    Dad

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Dear dad,
I hope everything works out ok.  liver is not a good organ to mess with.
Have you tried the flax seed oil?  I still think it is worth a try.
anyway, i wish you health and success with the procedures.
love, Nachum

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004 wrote:
> Hi guys .. ..
> > My Crohn's is taking a strange turn:  the CAT scan of my gut also revealed
> some irregularities with my liver, of all things, and I am going back to
> Mountainside Hospital today, for a biopsy.  Susan will pick me up in the afternoon.
> > I'll let you know more when I know more, which could take several days.
> > Much love and wishes for health, safety, prosperity and happiness to you and
> all the family,  Dad