Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 00:49:29 EST
Subject: Unification Theory
This belongs with Nachum's list of similarities between the ancient Egyptians and the origin of the Hebrews/Jews.

Another [possible] similarity between ancient Egypt and the Hebrew tradition:  this one may be more 'semantic' than historical.  That is, may be a coincidence, or correlation, rather than a cause and effect.  But it has a 'certain verbal resonance.. ..'

That is, an early Pharaoh [Mutt ? ] was able to 'Unify' Upper and Lower Egypt.  This gave the Kingdom unprecedented power and prosperity.   Doesn't the Unification of two distinct entities sound familiar ?

Of course, the first thing which the Creator of the Universe did, was to SEPARATE the waters above from the waters below.  [I understand that the Torah does not say that He created them].  Anyway, He SEPARATED THEM,  and it is the the unique duty of the Hebrews, the Jews to UNIFY HaShem, meaning bringing the lower world up into the proximity, or the same metaphysical space, of the Upper World.  'As on Earth, so Up Above.. ..'

What is the relationship between Mutt and Anthankton {Spell ?] ? ?   Could this have been an inspiration for Moses ?  Could HaShem have been practicing with the idea of unification prior to Moses ?

Just a [possibly irreverent, or, irrelevant] thought.. .. ..

Please comment.. ..

Love  Dad